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Prescription Errors

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The Dangers of Prescription Errors

With an estimated 7 of every 10 American adults taking at least one prescribed medication, it is not a stretch to say that the chances of being given the wrong pill due to medical malpractice has also increased in recent years. Using a prescription drug always has an inherent danger, but the chances of harm to your body increase exponentially when you are the victim of a prescription error. Immediate harm may be obvious, such as a seizure or respiratory collapse, but there may also be prolonged, lingering side effects of incorrect medication, such as liver failure or psychological disturbances.

Prescription errors are not to be taken lightly. Our team of trained attorneys at The Webster Law Firm knows how to get the compensation you deserve. With over 120 years of combined experience and a record of compassionate legal aid, we can help you in whatever medical malpractice case you might be facing.

What Kinds of Prescription Errors Are There?

A prescription error is typically defined as any preventable event or mistake that leads to the prescription of the wrong medication or the harm of a patient while the medication is controlled by a medical professional. It can be safe to assume that few, if any, medical practitioners intentionally prescribe the wrong medication, but that does not stop numerous errors from occurring on a daily basis, nationwide.

Kinds of prescription errors include:

  • Illegible prescriptions - People often joke about the poor handwriting of doctors prescribing medications, but it is no laughing matter when the careless strokes of a pen lead to the wrong prescription being processed at the patient’s pharmacy.
  • Incorrect dosage - When a patient is given the correct medication but told to take it with the incorrect dosage – whether too many or too few in a 24 hour cycle – this is considered a prescription error.
  • Unsafe pharmacy conditions - If the pharmacy is not in suitable conditions or in disarray, similar medications can easily be confused and mixed into one prescription.
  • General lack of knowledge - A dangerous form of negligence, simply not understanding the details of prescriptions by a pharmacy technician can lead to medication errors.

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