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Case Results

  • $230,331,844 Verdict Holcombe Et Al. V. United States of America
  • $200,000,000 Railway Disaster

    On July 6, 2013, a 74-car freight train barreled unattended down a hill in the town of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. The train, which was carrying Bakken formation crude oil, derailed and resulted in the fire and explosion of numerous tank cars. The aftermath led to the confirmed death of 42 people, with five more missing and presumed dead. Victims of this disaster are finally being compensated due in large part to the efforts of Attorney Jason Webster.

    The railway line on which the disaster occurred is owned by Montreal Maine and Atlantic Canada LTD. (MMA). Early in January of this year, MMA was ordered to pay nearly $200 million in settlement funds to the victims of the Lac-Mégantic train crash.

  • $3,250,000 Tamela Lane v. BNSF Railway Company

    January 2015- Cause No. 72383; Tamela Lane, as Temporary Guardian of Ty-Amber Lane, An Incapacitated Person v. BNSF Railway Company, et al; In the 239th Judicial District Court of Brazoria County, Texas

    Webster Vicknair MacLeodfights to a $3.25 million verdict for brain injured passenger of a vehicle who was hit by a BNSF train in Bellville, Texas. Jason Webster and Russell Serafin represented a 19-year-old girl who suffered a traumatic brain injury when the car she was a passenger in was struck by a BNSF train that killed the driver. After a Brazoria County jury was seated, the trial lasted 3 weeks and Jury found 50/50 on liability (between railroad and driver of the vehicle) and awarded funeral expenses to the driver of the vehicle and $3.25 million for the passenger of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle ran a stop sign and stopped on the tracks before being struck. There was evidence that the driver was also on the cell phone at the time. The railroad argued that it was 100% the driver's fault.

  • $800,000 18-Wheeler Accident
  • $775,000 Child Placement Agency Settlement

    A case against a child placement agency settled for $775,000 for negligent undertaking.

  • $410,000 Slip & Fall Settlement
  • $225,000 Car Wreck

    A client had been hit by a commercial truck after another private truck driver had hit him.

  • $130,000 Policy Limit Settlement

    Of Counsel member, Joel Pardo successfully negotiated a settlement of $130,000 in a policy limits case.

  • $100,000 Slip and Fall Settlement

    A case on behalf of a plaintiff who slipped and fell on rainwater that had accumulated inside the covered parking garage of an upscale shopping mall in Houston.

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