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Mirena Intrauterine Device Claims

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The Webster Law Firm is currently accepting claims from women who have suffered serious injury or illness due to complications related to Mirena intrauterine devices (IUD). Mirena IUD is one of the most popular contraceptives in the United States, as it has been marketed as an effective and nonsurgical way to prevent pregnancy over the course of several years. Thorough studies have discovered, however, that Mirena can cause a number of dangerous side effects, some of them life-threatening.

False Brain Tumors Caused by Mirena IUDs

One of the most severe and common side effects of using Mirena IUD is pseudotumor cerebri, or a “false brain tumor.” This occurs when an increase in brain pressure results in symptoms similar to those caused by a brain tumor. Though the “tumor” is typically a temporary issue, it can become a chronic problem if unaddressed.

The symptoms of pseudotumor cerebri include:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Hearing auditory illusions
  • Excessive fluid in ear
  • Blurry vision
  • Blindness (temporary or permanent)

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please let your physician know right away. It is important that you get treatment as quickly as possible to prevent long-term side effects. In any case, however—whether your suffering is temporary or permanent—you may be able to file suit and claim damages for the financial, emotional, and physical tolls imposed by a false brain tumor.

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What Makes Mirena IUD so Dangerous?

Mirena IUD is a fairly unique contraceptive device in the way that it does not use traditional or more widely-accepted ways to prevent pregnancy. Instead it uses a staggered hormone treatment to modify how the uterine walls function. It is believed that the negative symptoms of Mirena IUD is caused directly by the altered hormone levels of levonorgestrel. Evidence suggests that Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer or Mirena IUD, was completely aware of the dangers levonorgestrel released into the body through the contraceptive could create, and yet they did nothing to warn the public.

Over two million women have used Mirena IUD, and many have already been negatively impacted by the hazardous side effects. We are ready to pick up your case and get to work immediately. We can represent clients across the nation in a wide range of pharmaceutical litigation cases.

If you or a loved one has been affected by Mirena IUD, please do not wait to contact The Webster Law Firm.

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