Attorney Jason Webster Files Lawsuits on Behalf of Elm Grove Residents

Attorney Jason Webster recently filed three separate lawsuits on behalf of Elm Grove residents in Kingwood (TX) against Figure Four Partners, PSWA and Rebel Contractors for alleged negligence and violation of the Texas Water Code. The complaint derives from the flooding and subsequent water damage of the plaintiffs’ homes and assets caused by the defendants’ development project.

When rain poured over the town on May 7, 2019, the water drained from a Figure Four Partners development directly into the Elm Grove neighborhood and into the plaintiff’s houses. The defendants were developing a plot of land named called the “Woodridge Village Development.”

Although the development wasn’t completed, the defendants allegedly started removing trees and debris from the area, plowed specific areas, and installed box culvers to try to drain the development. In addition, they also blocked drainage channels and existing creeks, thus eliminated the plaintiffs’ neighborhood from receiving proper drainage. Since the development was sloped toward the neighborhood, the plaintiffs’ homes were vulnerable to any excessive water flow.

According to court documents, the plaintiffs did not contribute to the flooding. Before May 7, 2019, rainfall never flooded the plaintiffs’ homes.

Attorney Webster said, “The plaintiffs are seeking recovery from the defendants.” On the other hand, the defendants deny all allegations and have made a counter claim.

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