How Do Toxic Substances Play a Role In Railroad Dangers?

As with many different industries, those who work on railroads are at significant risks when toxic substances come into play. There’s always discussion of various flammable substances, chemicals, and other hazards that exist in workplaces, and if not handled properly, serious harm can arise.

The same dangers exist for railroad workers when spills and leaks occur and those who come into contact with these toxic substances can suffer injuries and/or health conditions. Knowing the dangerous that exist can help you recognize the potential for liability if you are hurt.

Catastrophic Burns

Many of the toxic substances transported via railroads can create fires or when in contact with skin, can cause significant burn injuries to whoever is in close proximity. Even inhaling certain fumes can create inhalation burns inside a person’s esophagus.

Burns can range in severity, but many chemical burns create the most significant damage because the substance may be on the skin for a longer period of time. As a result, third-degree burns are common when exposed to toxic substances.

Severe Health Conditions

Toxic substances can also include materials such as asbestos and certain metals which can cause internal damage to anyone who works with such items. Inhalation of these types of materials can create long-term conditions—such as mesothelioma and lung cancer caused by asbestos.

It’s important for those working within close quarters to have proper safety equipment to avoid this type of exposure. Oftentimes, though, employers overlook the protocols to save money, and in these instances, they may be considered responsible for all damages caused.

At The Webster Law Firm, we have a unique insight into the railroad industry and recognize the various dangers that can exist. We make it a point to protect the rights of those who have been injured and help them understand their legal options moving forward.

Our railroad worker injury lawyers are ready to advocate on your behalf and pursue the compensation you need to move forward. Don’t hesitate in getting legal representation; we’re ready to fight for you and stop at nothing to help you feel as though you have a voice.

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