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Lac – Mégantic Train Wreck

Lac-Mégantic Train Wreck Attorney

Were You Injured in the Lac-Mégantic Train Wreck?

In Lac-Mégantic within the Canadian province of Quebec, a train filled with shale oil derailed and incinerated more than 50 people. Many families of the victims of the Lac-Mégantic disaster have contacted our Houston injury attorney for help with suing any one of a multitude of corporate defendants in United States Courts. One of the companies being sued as a result of the Lac-Mégantic disaster is Rail World, Inc., an Illinois corporation that owned and directed the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway, which was the operator of the runaway train.

Lac-Mégantic Train Accident Claims

The Lac-Mégantic derailment is the fourth deadliest railroad accident in Canadian history, with 42 confirmed deaths and more than 30 destroyed buildings.

The leader of the litigation team, Peter Flowers, commented:

"No responsible corporate citizen sacrifices the public's safety on the altar of corporate profits, but Rail World, in one of history's worst examples of corporate immorality, dictated that a single engineer operated a 72-car train full of flammable liquid and leave it unattended when 'safety regulations' forced the engineer to take a mandatory rest break... It is my sincere hope that beyond maximizing the recovery for the immeasurable loss suffered by these families, that these lawsuits will inspire corporate boards to appropriately value human life and always prioritize safety over profits."

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If you are pursuing compensation after being injured in a train accident, our firm can help you seek the damages that you deserve. Train operators and employees of railroad companies are required to show due care when performing their duties. At The Webster Law Firm, we can help you hold the liable party responsible. Our Houston-based firm currently represents 120 victims and families from the tragic train derailment.

If you need assistance pursuing compensation for this tragedy, contact our personal injury attorneys at once.

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