What Are the Responsibilities of the Airline to Keep Passengers Safe?

Imagine booking a flight on a specific airline because you trust them with your service and care. Now, imagine something going wrong and a disaster occurring. Unfortunately, this is something that happens far too often, and airlines have specific responsibilities to ensure passenger safety.

When an airline is negligent, they may be held responsible for the damages they cause and any injuries (catastrophic or fatal) that may occur. For any survivors or family members of victims, know that these airlines have specific responsibilities to keep passengers safe.

Hiring Licensed and Certified Pilots

Depending on the situation, the airline may be responsible for hiring their pilots and it’s imperative to ensure that those under consideration undergo a background check and are properly qualified to fly an aircraft.

If the airline fails to identify any potential issues with the pilot’s history or if they overlook certain hiring protocols, they put all passengers in potential danger. This is a serious problem that could occur as a result of the airline looking to cut corners to save money.

Maintaining Their Aircraft

The aircraft should be properly maintained to ensure there are no serious problems associated with it. There are a number of issues that may arise and create a hazard for those on board. However, with proper maintenance, these issues can be fixed as quickly as possible to ensure all those on the flight are safe.

It is becoming increasingly imperative for airlines to ensure systems are working properly. Ethiopian Airlines suffered significant scrutiny after a Boeing 737 Max plane crashed with many reported errors. Additionally, there is an ongoing investigation into a separate crash involving the same style of airplane. All in all, 346 people have died in the two separate aviation crashes.

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